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Oyster Partnership has been involved with estate management recruitment dating back to 2008. Through an extensive network of partnerships spanning over a decade, we have been able to work in a range of public, private and third sector organisations – comprised of NGOs, associations and nonprofit organisations. Estate and facilities management entails running one, usually large, site, which can include commercial, healthcare, university, laboratories and retail buildings. As competition has intensified within the estate management sector, clients are expected to run organisational properties on reduced numbers, and the difficulty recruiting qualified individuals into the industry has increased.

Estates and facilities management ensure the running of services on complex sites, which includes hard and soft services. Estates management teams ensure that sites can continue to operate at all times of the day. Estates will be responsible for reactive maintenance, planned preventative maintenance, compliance, and engineering and infrastructure services. Compliance is playing an increasingly important role within estates and has increased demand for skilled candidates with experience across fire safety, water hygiene, mechanical, electrical and asbestos.


Whether you operate in the public or private sector, our Estates team applies its meticulous and thoughtful approach, to source experienced professionals at all levels for key functions in the day to day running of your estate.

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Engineering/Maintenance
  • Compliance
  • Estates Management
  • Project Management
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Latest Estates Jobs

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Deputy Head of Estates -

£55000 - £62000 per annum London Estates,Estates & Facilities
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Facilities Manager -

£32000 - £35000 per annum South East Estates,Estates & Facilities,Facilities
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CAFM Administrator -

£15 - £17 per hour London Estates,Estates & Facilities
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Health, Safety & Wellbeing Manager -

£50 - £52 per annum East England Estates,Estates & Facilities,Facilities
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Facility management is an organisational function which integrates people, places and processes, maintaining an organisations’ buildings and equipment with the purpose of improving quality of life for people and the productivity of the core business. Every organisation relies on a combination of functions and services needed to support it and its core functions.

  • Facilities Management
  • Health & Safety
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Latest Facilities Jobs

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Engineering Maintenance Specialist – Band 5 -

£18 - £20 per hour London Estates & Facilities,Facilities
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Maintenance Manager -

£40 - £50 per annum London Estates & Facilities,Facilities
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Facilities Manager -

£32000 - £35000 per annum South East Estates,Estates & Facilities,Facilities
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Facilities Manager -

£50 - £55 per annum London Estates & Facilities,Facilities
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For over 12 years now we have worked with leading universities, retailers, consultancies and the NHS across a number of complex estates, and the knowledge we have amassed in that time has allowed us to grow as a specialist in recruitment of this sector. Providing bespoke estate management recruitment solutions to a diverse portfolio of clients, we have been able to meet these high standards of management through sourcing and recruiting the most talented candidates available. Job titles include estate officers, directors and managers.

Oyster Partnerships experience as a market leader in estate and facilities management and recruitment has allowed us to partner hundreds of suitable candidates with their ideal role, on both fixed-term and a temporary basis. The flexibility and technical knowledge we offer means we retain excellent relationships with both clients and candidates, ensuring we continue to draw from pools of only the most talented candidates. With years of experience and dedication, our estate team has, and will continue to deliver qualified professionals to both the public and private sector. Through our close relationships with our clients, we have been able to efficiently match the specific requirements of an estate management role with highly skilled, technically competent individuals.

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