Ali Wibroe

Associate Director

Open-minded. Caring. Jetsetter.

Ali started her Recruitment career at Oyster, and now just nearly six years down the line, she heads up our entire Property and Surveying temp team. That, in a nutshell, encapsulates Ali’s skill, ambition, and desire to excel. But it takes more than that to be a great manager. Ali’s caring, open-minded, and loyal personality makes her popular, not just across her team, but the whole company. Plus, she’s a laugh on a night out.

What makes Ali good at her job?

When Ali says she’ll do something, you’d better believe she’ll do it. No empty promises from this recruiter – Ali will work tirelessly to see things through, and she’ll try her utmost to do the best she can for both her clients and candidates. And considering she’s been consistently one of the highest billers at Oyster, it’s fair to say it’s a tactic that pays off.

Where is Ali going after work?

Honestly, where is Ali not going after work? One glance at her Instagram story will leave you exhausted; she has the social battery of five people squished into one. I don’t want to bet on it, but I’m about 85% sure she’s been to every restaurant in London. One of Ali’s ambitions is to go to as many countries as possible, so if there’s anywhere she’d like to be after work, it would heading to the airport to jet off on holiday.

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