Robert Murray


Energetic. Endlessly Patient. Rosé Connoisseur.

Like most Drama School Graduates, Rob was working in a restaurant when he was approached by Oyster to come in and interview for a job. And thank goodness he decided to swap his dreams of the stage for Recruitment because just 7.5 years later, Rob has skyrocketed from Recruitment Consultant to Director. Can’t do that dancing in a production of Cats. One of Oyster’s most elusive men, you will never find Rob at his desk. Instead, he’ll be everywhere at once, doing the work of five people, with the energy levels of ten.

What makes Rob good at his job?

Heading up the entirety of Perm team is no small task, but Rob makes it look easy. Always on hand with a motivational pep talk (hey Recruitment can be an emotional rollercoaster), Rob will always go to bat for any of the team at the drop of a hat. Loyal, supportive, endlessly patient, Rob has worked tirelessly to create a team that is absolutely top of their game and it’s not looking like it’s going to slow down any time soon. Rob might have one of the busiest diaries of anyone I’ve ever met, but he will always make time for his team, to support, to encourage, to celebrate every win, no matter how small. His one flaw? He will always unfailingly say he doesn’t want any of your snacks, and then eat your snacks. Every time.

Where is Rob going after work?

Piccolinos for a chilled glass of Rosé without a doubt. Don’t know where to take your mum for a nice lunch? Rob knows the perfect place. Good musical to take a date? Ask Rob, not only does he have a recommendation, but he also knows someone in the cast who can get you half-price tickets. There is not a swanky restaurant in London that Rob hasn’t frequented, and most impressively, he’s not afraid to send the food back if it’s not right. Terrifying.

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