Women in the public sector

Leading from the front

Our mentorship programme, 'Leading from the Front,' is committed to empowering women in the public sector.

Leading from the Front brings together ambitious women who share experiences, offer guidance and support each other in reaching personal and professional goals, with the aim of encouraging more women into senior leadership positions.

With over 80 females involved in our mentor-mentee matches, we've witnessed personal and professional growth in action. We host quarterly events to reconnect with one another and discuss important topics, such as women returning to work after periods of time off, or how to navigate the workplace in a primarily male dominated industry.

Building a diverse workforce internally has been key to our success, and offering a mentoring group that celebrates Women in the Public sector is our way of extending this to our network, who have been instrumental in making Oyster who we are today.


"Being part of Leading from the Front has been really rewarding for me; my first mentee is already growing in confidence and progressing her career, we are forming a strong relationship, and I take great pleasure in watching her succeed."

- Hony Premlal: Director, Women in Social Housing (WISH) London

"This initiative matched me with a brilliant mentee, and after some amazing sessions, I was delighted to hear that they had secured a senior position in the housing sector, and had also become a Board Member, which was her aspiration!"

- Mandy Dunstan: Director of Operations, Housing for Women

Introducing your leaders

Jaspreet Bhogal, Director

Since joining Oyster in 2011, Jas has been relentless in offering something different and better to the industries she recruits into. Whether through training residents, mentoring programmes or supporting ED&I, Jas is proud to have built successful relationships with the people and the sectors she works with.

Introducing your leaders

Ali Wibroe, Senior Manager

In 2016, Ali started her Recruitment career at Oyster, with her incredible skill, ambition, and desire to excel. But it takes more than that to be a great manager. Ali’s caring, open-minded, and loyal personality makes her popular, not just across her team, but the whole company.

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