Tom Morrison

Senior Manager

Focused. Driven. Suburban Man.

Tom has nearly a decade of Recruitment experience across numerous different sectors. In his wild youth, Tom was a bit unsettled and bounced from team turning his hand to different things across Oyster. One day something clicked, and Tom’s whole attitude changed. He moved to our permanent recruitment team and started up his own desk: Estates & Facilities. It was the niche he was waiting to find. Since then, Tom has grown his team up from scratch, established retained recruitment searches as the norm, and broken both his own and Oyster’s records.

What makes Tom good at his job?

Tom’s quiet determination makes him the man to watch. He has a level of perseverance and focus that means his ambition to grow the best Estates & Facilities recruitment team in the country is well within his grasp. Tom’s resolution, relentlessness, and drive is unrivalled, but he balances it out by being light-hearted, fun, and quick-witted. He is supportive, and fiercely loyal to his team.

Where is Tom going after work?

Once upon a time in his wild 20s, Tom’s dream night out involved the pub, way too many pints, and the next day spent recovering. Nowadays, Tom is much more about pottering around his garden, admiring his new olive trees, or BBQing. He’s a suburban man these days.

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