Environmental Health

Oyster Partnership has many years of experience providing the public sector with Environmental and Regulatory Services recruitment solutions. Environmental Health pertains to monitoring or mitigating factors in the environment that can affect human health and subsequently cause disease. Increasing demands for tighter regulation have meant it is somewhat difficult for small, under-resourced local authorities to keep up with the changes. 

Our experience in Environmental Health recruitment

The majority of our work is with local authorities and our dedicated Environmental Health team have found the bulk of the work centres around helping organisations keep up to date with ever-increasing regulation, as well as social and political pressures. The increasing demand for qualified professionals has hindered Environmental Health recruitment and made it difficult for small local authorities to find and employ talented candidates within the field. 

Our Environmental Health jobs

We hire for a range of roles within the Environmental Health sector.

  • Environmental Protection Officer
  • Licensing Officer
  • Environmental Health Officer

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Our Environmental Health recruitment consultants

Our team of Environmental Health consultants are able to provide candidates with expert, impartial advice helping them find the roles perfectly suited to both their skill set and their aspirations. Positions within the field are spread across a number of public bodies that include Food & Safety Standards, Environmental Protection, Private Sector Housing, Health & Safety, and Licensing. 

Our clients are often looking for certain specialist positions, which can include Food & Safety Standards, Environmental Protection, Private Sector Housing, Health & Safety and Licensing consultants and managers on both permanent and freelance basis. Using the information from our network of clients and candidates, we have been able to keep pace with the rapid regulatory changes that have been occurring over the last few years. Our Environmental Health recruitment solutions are helping to service the industry with the brightest talent available. 

The wealth of knowledge and experience our team has amassed, have greatly benefited hundreds of skilled candidates to find their ideal Environmental Health jobs. Clarity, honesty, and an unwavering work ethic have helped Oyster Partnership build a fantastic reputation within this field. 

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