Sherilyn Emery

Senior Consultant | Environmental Health

Bubbly. Confident. A Force of Nature.

Everyone knows Sherilyn. You can’t not. Since starting in 2021, her Aussie tones have become a fixture in the office. I think you can safely call her a ‘character’. She can lick her own elbow, only eats M&Ms in colour order (what exactly the order is isn’t specified), and does bee-keeping. She’s honest, enthusiastic, loud, caring, kind, and generous.

What makes Sherilyn good at her job?

On top of all that, Sherilyn is a formidable recruiter. She’s confident and doesn’t shy away from getting on the phone and getting things sorted. Her candidates trust her to tell it how it is, and always be upfront, whilst her clients trust her to know what she’s talking about.

Where is Sherilyn going after work?

Well, as mentioned, probably to do some bee keeping, which isn’t the obvious choice of hobby for a city-dweller. Where does she keep the bees? Or she’ll be reading, cooking, heading to the gym, or off for a drink after-work. Ultimately though, Sherilyn will be saving up to travel the world, before eventually going off grid and living in a forest somewhere. With her bees.

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