Zeb Kaskar

Executive Consultant | Environmental Health

Sociable. Confident. Collector of the Finding Nemo Cast.

Bringing six incredibly successful years of recruitment experience to the table, with most of them spent at Oyster, Zeb is a force to be reckoned with. Consistently at the top of the board for monthly billings, Zeb really knows his stuff. Which is good because as he’s putting money aside for property and to fund his love of jet-setting, he’s going to need all the commission he can get.

What makes Zeb good at his job?

First and foremost, his excellent listening and relationship building skills. Zeb works hard to build great rapport with everyone he works with, and the result of that is exclusive and repeat business. In short, Zeb puts the time in to get to know his clients and candidates so well, that why would they go to anyone else?

Where is Zeb going after work?

Outside work, Zeb is likely going to be hopping on a plane and seeing as many places as he possibly can. Or adding to his collection of marine life – he used to have basically the entire cast of Finding Nemo in his living room reef tank. Which also explains his love of scuba diving, ideally in warm places.

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