Highway Engineering

The vital importance of highways engineering in the UK cannot be underestimated. At the core of economic development and prosperity lies our transport systems – roads, bridges, tunnels – and with increasing development potential around the country, the emphasis on quality highways engineering is paramount.

The Oyster Partnership’s contribution lies in assisting key market stakeholders with a flow of high caliber, technical and non-technical, highways and transport professionals across planning, design, construction, management and maintenance phases of nationwide infrastructure projects.

With 30,000 engineers retiring each year and Engineering UK estimating 180,000 new sector engineers will be needed over the next 5 years, the demands for solutions to highway and transport recruitment/resourcing have intensified.

Highway and transport jobs are made up of engineers, traffic engineers, highway design engineers and surveyors. By continuing to service our extensive network of clients and maintaining excellent relations with candidates, we are able to supply the infrastructure sector with some of the most talented professionals available on both a temporary and permanent basis. Working with some of the market leaders we have been able to acquire invaluable expertise within the field.

Because of their genuine interest, integral practice and extra-curricular professional development, our consultants are well-versed in the infrastructure sector. Through relationships and successful resourcing, Oyster Partnership are able to offer industry professionals the opportunity to contribute to the design, project management, delivery and maintenance of multi-million pound infrastructure schemes nationwide.

Offering innovative solutions to the highway and transport recruitment problem whilst providing genuine, impartial advice has underpinned everything we have done since entering the industry. Providing this level of service has made us a favourite among clients and candidates alike and Oyster Partnership will continue to offer these solutions while learning from our extensive network of clients.

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