Jamie Vear-Altog

Managing Consultant

Honest. Empathetic. Easy Company.

Jamie brings over six years of recruitment experience to the table. Having started out at Oyster on the Town Planning team, Jamie then moved across and started a new team for Oyster, Engineering. Spanning Highways, Transport and Infrastructure, the Engineering team has very quickly become the go-to recruitment team in the industry, and that’s mostly down to Jamie’s quiet perseverance and determination. He’s not a man who’s easily swayed. Plus, if Jamie is going to achieve his ultimate dream of ditching rainy London and opening a beach bar on the Turkish Riviera, he’s more than happy to put the graft in now to make that happen.

What makes Jamie good at his job?

Jamie is honest, empathetic, meticulous, and works to the philosophy of openness and trust. That makes him not only a great recruiter but a fantastic manager. He knows his industry inside and out, and that’s knowledge he carefully passes onto his team. Jamie is ambitious without being cut-throat, and his easy company and friendly laid-back manner distinguishes him amongst his competitors. Jamie is always thinking long-term, and that strategic thinking rarely doesn’t pay off.

Where is Jamie going after work?

Ideally, Jamie would like to head off to Turkey to spend sunny evenings on the water’s edge with a cold drink, but since he’s stuck in London and it’s inevitably raining, he’ll probably shelter inside reading books about geopolitics (he claims it’s more interesting than it sounds).

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