Jaspreet Bhogal


Quick-witted early starter. Baker. Unflappable under pressure.

Having worked in recruitment since 2009, and with Oyster since 2011, Jas is renowned for her exceptional organisational skills. Jas loves proving people wrong, and is relentless in offering something different and better to the industries she recruits into. Whether through training residents, mentoring programmes or supporting D&I, Jas is proud to have built successful relationships with the people and the sectors she works with.

What makes Jas good at her job?

Where to start? Jas is remarkably unflappable and always take things in her stride. Thriving under pressure, Jas is known for her active mind. Whether anyone else agrees or thinks it to be a good thing, Jas has a well-earned reputation for being quick-witted. Extremely loyal to her colleagues, clients and candidates, Jas brings years of experience gained on the front line. Dedication too, like getting into the office at 7am as a great way to clear down the admin and prep herself for the day ahead.

Where is Jas going after work?

Switching off by baking cupcakes, cakes and cookies. Switching on either Die Hard or the Sound of Music, Jas’s chalk and cheese favourite films. Taking off to Bali, once a honeymoon and now a favourite for its amazing people, food and beaches. Then there’s always kicking back with a cold glass of prosecco after a stressful day. Nothing beats it!

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