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It’s an exciting time, with lots of opportunity ahead of you, but it can often feel quite daunting and confusing.

Here, we’ll address some commonly asked questions, and offer useful advice:

This really depends on your learning style, but there are many online courses you can take, or HR related degrees, or through the guidance of a private tutor.

Some recommended online course providers include Avado and Acacia, though these are more suited to those who are confident self-learners and motivators, with some previous understanding of the course topics, as you’ll likely base most of your work on case-studies and real life experience. The average price of an online level 5 course is between £3000 - £4000.

For those seeking a bit more support, you might want to consider a private tutor, though this might be a slightly more expensive route. Some undergraduate degrees automatically provide entry to CIPD membership, but check with your course provider beforehand, as some degrees don’t reach the CIPD’s level of accreditation.

Unfortunately, even entry level roles sometimes ask for 2 years previous experience in the field. But how are you supposed to gain experience in HR, if you need HR experience for an entry level position?! It seems impossible. Thankfully, there are various ways to gain initial experience, including some internships to get that initial foot in the door.

Graduate schemes are a great way to gain initial experience, and they don’t always ask that you have a degree. You can keep track of available and relevant programmes here.

There are also roles in other sectors that offer transferable skills into an HR position, such as administration, recruitment and management roles (depending on the level at which you wish to enter the HR profession).

Having strong previous knowledge of office administration responsibilities is very transferable to an HR Admin role, especially coupled with a CIPD level 3. Experience working with Microsoft Office products, monitoring inboxes, good customer service skills and experience with switchboard are very relevant skills.

Recruitment experience, both internal and external, is also transferable to HR Officer/HR Co-ordinator roles. As a recruitment consultant/officer, you’d be familiar with the right to work checks that would need to be completed, you’d have great customer service skills, and have experience logging information onto a shared company system.

For those looking for an HR Advisor/Deputy HR Business Partner position, previous experience managing a team would be very transferable. It’s not uncommon of those who have gained a CIPD level 5 qualification, with previous experience managing a store/restaurant/team, to transfer into a more senior HR experience without too much difficulty - you’ve no doubt dealt with absence management and ER Casework before at a management level.

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