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‘Do you have any questions for us?’


That's the dreaded question at the end of the interview. You’ve gotten all the information you required from the hiring manager, but you don’t want to come across as being disengaged or uninterested in the role, by not being inquisitive.

So... what should you ask?


Essential post-interview questions

Over the years, we’ve had some great tips shared with us, from successful candidates and clients, across a range of sectors. Now, we’re going to share them with you.

This was recommended to us by a HR Consultant, who asks this at the end of every interview. The question is effective, as it allows you to address any hesitations that they may discuss post-interview, and challenge these points before they can draw conclusions for you. It might be as simple as you forgetting to mention some personal attributes that would assist you in the role, such as being self-motivated or a team player. We all get forgetful under pressure, so let this be your opportunity to leave on a high.

This was recommended by a successful contractor within the tech industry, who says clients LOVE being asked this question. The question allows the interviewer to speak about their biggest achievements and, let's be honest, who doesn’t love the opportunity to talk about themselves and have a bit of a brag?! If there’s a panel of interviewers, it also gives you the opportunity to have an open dialogue with all the members, leaving a positive impression of your interpersonal skills. You’ve also leave them all thinking of very positive experiences in their lives, which will make them reflect more positively of the interviewing experience.

This was recommended by a client within the IT sector, who conducts numerous interviews on a daily basis. They said any questions with a timescale really makes a candidate stand out to them. Not only does the question allow you to gain further clarification of the company’s long-term goals (if not already made clear by interviewer), but it also shows your initiative and motivation to deliver outstanding results. The question is also suggestive, and enables the interviewer to already picture yourself working within the position - planting imagery in the clients’ mind is very effective - Derren Brown would be proud!

Remember, an interview is a two way process. Learning the priorities of the role is essential to your longevity, as it allows you to understand, without any confusion, what will be expected of you. This is especially valuable if you’re in a contract position, but also beneficial for you to track your own progress, during your probationary period within a permanent role.

This is somewhat of a bonus question, as it’s something to ask right at the very start of the interview process, if you’re given the opportunity. This then allows you to tailor your responses to future questions, ensuring they’re in-line with their long term goals. This is very effective, and is essentially similar to tailoring your CV/cover letter to suit a specific project or position.

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