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Recruitment Success Story: From Waiter to Associate Director

Robert Murray


Jul 27, 2022

As we are gearing up for another Oyster Academy, we decided to catch up with our Associate Director, Robert Murray, to find out how he ended up in recruitment, and what advice he would give to those interested in pursuing the same career path.

Tell us about your background?

I grew up in Ireland in a small place called Kildare, just outside of Dublin. I absolutely love it back home, all of my family are still there and most of my friends although some of them are in all sorts of places around the world now. I try to go back as much as I can but naturally, unfortunately, these last 18 months I haven’t got back as much as I’d like.

Growing up I always wanted to be an Actor, that was the big dream and so in 2009 I auditioned for some of the big drama schools in the UK to which they all said…. No! I wasn’t ready nor prepared enough. So I spent the next 12 months at home practicing everything, rehearsing 24 hours a day, and then came back in 2010 and auditioned again.

I was offered a place at Guildford School of Acting, which was an absolute dream come true. The next 3 years were the most intense but incredible 3 years of my life. The experiences I had, the people I met, friends for life!!

I did a few things here and there when I left drama school but it just wasn’t kicking off in the way I had hoped. Naturally, I had a job in a restaurant, like most out of work performers, which is where one day, I met Sasza & Dan, the owners of Oyster Partnership. The rest is history!

Why did you choose recruitment?

I didn’t really, it chose me to be honest. Back when I was trying to be an Actor, like most out of work Actors, I got a job in a restaurant here in London. I thoroughly loved being a waiter, dealing with people every day, and providing a great service (hopefully).

Sasza & Dan used to eat there most Fridays and one Friday, the sun was out and they were clearly in a great mood because they started telling me all about their recruitment company and how they think I would be great at it, ‘’you’ve got the gift of the gab’’ they said.

I had never heard of recruitment really but from what they told me, I knew I would love it. So I came in and met with them in the old office on Glasshouse Street and instantly knew it was for me.

The energy, the excitement in the office, the lovely suits, and most of all, the banter & relationships that I could clearly see they all had. I wanted to be a part of that. So I guess recruitment found me initially but I decided to take the leap and go on this crazy journey and I have never looked back!

What makes Oyster different?

I always get asked this question and for me, it’s a combination of 3 things, the people, our relationships, and our desire to succeed. There really is nothing like it.

The people we have are honestly unbelievable. From all walks of life, all corners of the globe, and most importantly, we have no ‘type on paper’. The memories I have made over the last nearly 7 years are just incredible and I can’t wait to see the camera roll for the next 7.

Why should someone join Oyster?

Three simple reasons…. Great people, even better craic, and most importantly, an incredible platform to succeed.

What’s the biggest misconception about recruitment?

That it’s easy. The number of people we have come to interview with us who are after an easy ride or just want to ‘’get rich quick’’ and they have absolutely no idea as to the amount of work necessary to become successful in our industry.

Recruitment is all about relationships. People pay for access to your relationships, that is the essence of what we do. It takes years to build up a solid network and an obscene amount of time, effort, and rejection along the way. So to those looking for an easy ride in life, don’t go into recruitment.

What piece of advice would you give to yourself as a Trainee?

To not compare myself to other people. I did this constantly and it really doesn’t help. Without sounding really cheesy, everyone who joins Oyster goes on their own journey and people pick things up at different speeds.

There is so much to learn when you start recruitment, no one can prepare you for it and my advice would be to give yourself a chance, soak it all up and remember, just because your teammate has had that ‘penny drop’ moment quicker than you, it’s all still to play for.

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Robert Murray

Like most Drama School Graduates, Rob was working in a restaurant when he was approached by Oyster to come in and interview for a job. And thank goodness he decided to swap his dreams of the stage for Recruitment because just 7.5 years later, Rob has skyrocketed from Recruitment Consultant to Director. Can’t do that dancing in a production of Cats. One of Oyster’s most elusive men, you will never find Rob at his desk. Instead, he’ll be everywhere at once, doing the work of five people, with the energy levels of ten.

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