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Meet your Perm Divisional Manager, Robert Murray!

Robert Murray


Jul 15, 2022

Divisional Manager of our Property Perm Team, Robert Murray is a highly motivated and positive role model within the business. His previous job role as a waiter working in Piccadilly Circus, interestingly led him to land his role in recruitment (right place, at the right time), because of his Irish charm and positive, charismatic nature!

Four years later after hard work and determination, he now heads up a team of ambitious property recruitment consultants and is on the hunt for eight more lucky individuals to join his team. Could you be one of them?

Read more about Rob and his momentous career journey to date below:

Why did you choose Oyster?

I was working as a waiter in an Irish restaurant in Piccadilly and the two owners of Oyster, Sasza, and Dan, used to come in for lunch all the time. On the day that I had actually handed in my notice, they approached me and asked ‘’What are you doing with the rest of your life?’’ To which I replied ‘’who knows, but I know I don’t want to be a waiter anymore!’’ They offered me an interview and I gladly accepted. At this point I had never even heard of recruitment but the way they both spoke about it had me sold instantly. During the interview process, I just remember everyone being so passionate about something that none of them had grown up wanting to do and I wanted a piece of that. When they gave me the job they said; ‘’If you promise to always give us the best version of yourself, always be loyal and never stop trying, then we promise you that we will make you the most successful you can be’’. It is working so far!

How has your career journey to date led to being Divisional Manager?

In October 2014, I joined as a Trainee Recruiter with zero experience in the industry and I really struggled at the beginning. There were many different ‘’plates to spin’’ at any one time and it took me about six months to get my head around this. I watched all of my colleagues make placements before me, other people joined and even got there quicker than me. I thought about throwing in the towel so many times but Sasza kept me grounded and reminded me of why I was here in the first place. Then, about seven months in, it clicked! I started valuing my time, my input and above all else, myself. I got promoted to Principal Consultant after 13 months and Sasza and Dan actually took me back to the restaurant I used to work in to celebrate, which was memorable to say the least. In February 2016, I got promoted to Managing Consultant and was responsible for 2 chaps, one of whom is about to embark on his own management journey, Sam Jefferson. Towards the end of 2016, Sasza was promoted to Managing Director and as such was taking a much more strategic role in the business and needed someone to take charge of the day to day operations of the Permanent Division. Probably one of the best moments of my career to date is when Sasza sat me down and told me that he thought I was the man for the job! A few months later I was promoted to Divisional Manager and began the next chapter of my career.

Why is the Oyster Academy such an exciting time for the business?

The Oyster Academy has been running since 2013 however due to business growth we have decided for the first time ever to do an Oyster Academy specifically for Permanent Recruitment. This is a seminal moment for us as it shows the confidence the business has in just one area of our service offering. We have grown consistently over the past number of years and we show no signs of stopping. The lucky 8, whoever you may be, will join in the early stages of what we, as a business think, will be our biggest and best year-to-date!

What can be expected from the Oyster Academy and will you be leading it?

The academy will be led by myself, Internal Recruitment Specialist, Hannah Clarke and our senior staff. The fantastic thing about this is that we all still recruit so we know what we’re talking about. In the initial part of the academy, you will undergo The Oyster Ignite Training Programme which covers everything from candidates to selling skills to clients to self-belief; this will be taught in both classroom and on the floor style learning. Throughout the first 12 weeks, there will be various tasks, presentations and assessments in place to ensure that you are best equipped to tackle the role ahead. The team couldn’t be more supportive and everyone is on hand to help where possible. On top of this, we invite industry professionals in to guest speak on different sectors and to give you a real insight into the work that they do.

What do you look for?

It’s hard to pinpoint one exact thing, however for me, it’s all about positivity! This industry is tough and everyday can bring a new set of knock-backs so the ability to look at things positively and always learn from each mistake is imperative. Secondly, a willingness to step out of your comfort zone. Our training is very interactive and we encourage everyone to get involved. If you’re not ready to ‘’step into the unknown’’ then recruitment and Oyster probably aren’t right for you. And finally, attitude, this is key! Having the right attitude and work ethic in recruitment will make you shine above the rest. If you are someone who takes accountability for your work, perseveres through difficult times and never gives up, then we want to hear from you!

Which property sectors does the team cover?

We recruit predominantly into the private sector for Consultancies, Land Owners, Developers, Retailers, Landed Estates and Charities. Our consultants place candidates who work across all sectors including: Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Retail, Education, Mixed Use and Hotels, amidst others. As part of our offering to clients, we ensure market expertise and as such, we each specialise in a different discipline, these include Property Management, Valuation, Professional Services, Quantity Surveying, Town Planning, Development, Building Surveying, Project Management & Real Estate Finance.

What do you like most about working at Oyster Partnership?

The people! Without a shadow of doubt. No one at Oyster is the same but everyone is striving for the same thing: success. One of the incredible attributes that the Oyster team has is that everybody wants to be successful, but never at the expense of anyone else. The support shown across the floor is second to none. We have had people join us from other big name recruitment firms and the first thing they pick up on is the environment and it is one that we are extremely proud of and will do anything to protect. Aside from the people, it’s the opportunity. Oyster has given so many, including myself, the platform to succeed that we probably never would have received elsewhere. Sasza, our Managing Director joined 10 years ago as a Trainee and seldomly do you get to work for a leader as inspiring as him!

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Robert Murray

Like most Drama School Graduates, Rob was working in a restaurant when he was approached by Oyster to come in and interview for a job. And thank goodness he decided to swap his dreams of the stage for Recruitment because just 7.5 years later, Rob has skyrocketed from Recruitment Consultant to Director. Can’t do that dancing in a production of Cats. One of Oyster’s most elusive men, you will never find Rob at his desk. Instead, he’ll be everywhere at once, doing the work of five people, with the energy levels of ten.

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