5 Minutes With… Chris Taylor

Carla Chamberlain

Senior Manager

Jul 15, 2022

5 minutes with… Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor has worked within the construction industry for 8 years and has gained experience as a client, contractor, and consultant. Chris has spent the past 5 successful years with MAC Consulting where he has worked his way up to the Associate level and has shared insight as to how and why aspiring surveyors might like to follow in his footsteps into an industry he is passionate about.

What career did you want when you were 18?

I always wanted to be an F1 racing driver…. People say I look like Jenson Button!

When did you decide you wanted a career as a Quantity Surveyor?

It wasn’t until I’d already joined MAC that this was something I wanted a career in. I love the diversity MAC gives me in terms of jobs, roles, autonomy, and a chance to be involved in the wider business as well as my day-to-day

Why did you get into Quantity Surveying?

I saw it as the accounting of construction. Quantity Surveying gives a breadth of skills across all aspects of a project. It gives you the chance to see a project through from inception to completion.

What did you do to find a role in Quantity Surveying?

I was previously a Project Manager/Estimator. I applied to lots of roles and MAC saw something in my blended role. I interviewed with some larger companies but as soon as I met MAC I loved them!

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

Every day is different – I love the challenge and the autonomy. I enjoy being rewarded for hard work.

What is the most challenging part of your role?

Finding talent to add to our growing business!

What piece of advice would you give someone looking to get into this industry?

For me you only need two things – 1 – the ability to adapt and 2 – the right attitude & desire as this will take you far, technical knowledge you can learn.

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Senior Manager

Carla Chamberlain

Carla, or CC as she is known, is a shining example of how we all have potential we can’t even imagine. Starting 8 years ago at Oyster, her first job in Recruitment, things were not plain sailing and it would have been very easy to call it a day. Instead, CC persisted where others would have given up, and eight years on she is not only managing a hugely successful team who adore her but has utterly conquered the QS scene and leading the way across our Development and Land division. And she did it all whilst being the most positive, energetic, fun person in the room.

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