Carla Chamberlain

Managing Consultant

Energetic. Supportive. An Endless Source of Fun.


Carla, or CC as she is known, is a shining example of how we all have potential we can’t even imagine. Starting 6 years ago at Oyster, her first job in Recruitment, things were not plain sailing for CC, and it would have been very easy to call it a day. Instead, CC persisted where others would have given up, and just six years later she is not only managing a hugely successful team who adore her but has utterly conquered the QS scene and is well on her way to doing the same with Development and Land. And she did it all whilst being the most positive, energetic, fun person in the room.

What makes Carla good at her job?

Carla truly cares about what she does and doing the best job she can. Which is why candidates and clients know her number off by heart and are always happy to pick up the phone, even just for a quick natter at the end of the day. She loves to make others feel great, be that clients getting the perfect candidate, candidates getting the perfect job, or supporting her team to absolutely smash their personal goals. And that is what makes Carla such a great manager. She will invest 100% in everyone and will always be more excited by her team’s achievements than her own. And once she’s worked her way up to Director (the ultimate goal), she will of course pack it all in to invent a ground-breaking app, sell it off for millions, and live in Barbados until she’s old and wrinkly.

Where is Carla going after work?

Home to cook up a goddamn storm in the kitchen (her words), nice glass of wine in hand and footie on the TV in the background. Or heading out with the team for a few after-work drinks, where she will at some point be persuaded to demonstrate the worm.