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What is a Development and Regeneration Manager?

Ali Wibroe

Associate Director

Jul 22, 2022

In the public sector, Development and Regeneration Managers are responsible for the preparation and implementation of a development and improvement action plan. This includes identifying and developing new and innovative approaches to delivering housing and improving communities.

What do a Development and Regeneration Managers do?

A development and regeneration manager oversees all development programmes from inception to completion, staff, and the performance of any schemes or projects that are in progress or nearing completion. The role itself, being managerial, is highly diverse and requires you to work alongside other department managers and C-suite staff.

At a glance, the role needs someone who can:

  • Manage the performance of the department section, including setting and monitoring milestones
  • Write, implement and review the Development & Regeneration Plan
  • Lead the management through all financial issues within Development & Regeneration Services, in accordance with external funding criteria and monthly budget monitoring for Development & Regeneration Services
  • Manage the effective negotiation, securing, and receipt of planning permissions
  • Represent the organisation in any Public Inquiry

What are the benefits of working in Development and Regeneration?

“You will be involved in increasing the supply of housing, as well as improving socio-economic factors within communities; this will involve developing/regenerating homes and communities to meet government objectives; ‘Our homes are more than just a roof over our heads, they are our safety net and springboard to a better life.’ The Secretary of State. The increase in the supply of housing acts as a catalyst for the wider investment in communities, i.e. highways and transport, schools, retail, offices etc. which ultimately leads to improving the economy as well as the area as a whole.” - Ali Wirboe, Managing Consultant

What qualifications do I need to work in Development & Regeneration?

Essential criteria typically require candidates to be educated to undergraduate degree level (or equivalent) in development and regeneration-related subject, as well as having experience working in similar or related roles, apart from entry-level.

Desirable criteria typically include a Master’s Degree in a development/ regeneration-related subject, as well as professional qualifications, such as; MRICS, MRTPI, RIBA, and MAPM.

Qualifications such as CSCS, SMSTS, and First Aid are often sought when the role requires site attendance.

For a managerial role of this kind, around 10 years of industry experience, alongside 5 years of management experience will put you in a strong position for this role.

What skills does a Development & Regeneration Manager need?

To work effectively as a Development and Regeneration Manager you must;

  • Understand laws and regulations around town planning, building development, and building control
  • Understand the planning permission application process
  • Be able to convey concepts and ideas to different departments in a way that resonates with their goals
  • Be able to dissect and present data in a way that can be understood by everyone
  • Understand the impacts, good and bad, of any proposed idea or plan
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Associate Director

Ali Wibroe

Ali started her Recruitment career at Oyster, and now just nearly six years down the line, she heads up our entire Property and Surveying temp team. That, in a nutshell, encapsulates Ali’s skill, ambition, and desire to excel. But it takes more than that to be a great manager. Ali’s caring, open-minded, and loyal personality makes her popular, not just across her team, but the whole company.

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