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Top 5 Solicitor jobs at Oyster Partnership

Colby Robinson

Principal Consultant | Legal

Jul 22, 2022

In the world we live in today, no organisation can go without having legal representation and support. Solicitors are responsible for advising their clients regarding all aspects of the law while representing the client’s interests.

This might include anything from wills, divorces, civil and criminal proceedings to property purchases and contracts.

Benefits of working as a Solicitor

As a solicitor, you’ll have fantastic career progression opportunities. When it comes to the law sector there are many different routes you can take. You can choose to work for a small law firm, the government, local authorities, charities, or large private law firms. No matter which route you choose you will have a varied role, be part of a team, and will be able to develop transferable skills.

The law sector can also be very lucrative and many roles also come with benefits including bonuses. Starting salaries for qualified solicitors range from £25k-£40k in smaller firms, and salaries in medium-size organisations range from £58-£60k, with Partners within firms earning £100k+ a year.

Top 5 Solicitor roles

At Oyster Partnership we cover a wide range of jobs within the Legal Sector. Below are some of the most popular roles we recruit for within the Public, Third and Private sectors.

Childcare Solicitor

The role of a Childcare Solicitor is concerned with the status of a child within a family. A childcare Solicitor will be asked to intervene by the local authority if the authority believes they need to get involved to protect the child. A childcare solicitor will always act in the best interest of the child.

This area of law involves lots of emotional pressure as a child is involved. The solicitor may have to look at options such as adoption or social care as a safeguarding measure. Solicitors usually deal with around 10-12 cases. There has historically been a shortage of Childcare Solicitors due to the emotional stress and the demands of the job. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 there has been a much greater need for Childcare Solicitors due to the rising number of abuse cases.

Solicitors who work in childcare law will find it a rewarding but demanding area of law.

Salary: Due to the current uplift in childcare Solicitors, a professional can earn between £30-£50 per hour depending on experience.

Planning Solicitor

Planning solicitors will advise on all aspects of planning law for the council. They will provide a ‘legal health check’ on appeals and applications. When private or public entities want to develop or construct an area, the following legal issues need to be addressed:

Planning permission, planning objections, permitted development rights, compulsory purchase orders, conservation areas, listed buildings, and enforcement notices.

If development goes ahead without meeting the criteria of the Local Authorities' regulations, the person or group responsible may find themselves being prosecuted.

Many solicitors are attracted to planning law as the work can be varied and interesting.

Salary: Planning Solicitors can expect to get between £30 – £45 per hour.

Commercial Property Solicitor

A Commercial Property Solicitor takes care of all legal aspects of selling or buying Commercial Property.

A commercial property Solicitors usual tasks will include:

Negotiating property transactions, making agreements for investments, preparing documentation for transaction,s and checking and confirming the seller’s rights to sell the property.

Commercial Property may be an interesting area of law for Solicitors to specialise in as there will always be a need for people who know about commercial property law. The need for buying and selling commercial property will always be there. There will always be a need for knowledgeable people in this field.

Salary: A Commercial Property locum can expect to earn £30 – £45 per hour.

Adult Social Care Solicitor

An Adult Social Care solicitor provides similar support as a Childcare Solicitor but for adults. One of the main functions of the role is safeguarding. Safeguarding exists to make sure adults in society are properly looked after. Just like children, adults are also at risk of negligence and abuse, and when this happens Local Authorities will step in to ensure the adult is protected.

Adult Social Care solicitors should act in the best interest of any adult who lacks the mental capacity to make decisions themselves and any decisions made should be in line with the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

Solicitors in this area of law have the power to remove adults from their homes and deny family members and carers access to vulnerable adult.

Salary: Adult social care Solicitors can expect to earn £30 – £50 per hour. As with all areas of law the more experience you have the higher the salary you can earn.

Procurement and Contracts Solicitor

Procurement and Contracts Solicitors are responsible for providing a range of services to the public, private and third-sector organisations. Their main focus is predominantly on contracts, trading, and corporate law. However, they might also be required to provide service in other areas if necessary.

Procurement and Contracts Solicitors act as a legal advisors making sure compliance of the client organisation with statutory duties, while also protecting the best interests of the client.

The day-to-day responsibilities of the solicitor include, but are not limited to: drafting and amending contracts, advising and drafting procurement documents, negotiating with third parties, assisting with drafting processing agreements and data sharing with the relevant parties.

The work as a Procurement and Contracts Solicitor is interesting, varied, and usually at the forefront of some of the main issues facing the organisation.

Salary: Procurement and Contracts Solicitors can earn anywhere between £40-£50 per hour.

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Principal Consultant | Legal

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