Colby Robinson

Principal Consultant | Legal

Bubbly. Confident. Bottomless Brunch Fanatic.

Colby spent her first four years at Oyster absolutely dominating the Office Support market, before making the monumental decision to do something completely new. She moved to the Legal team and is already knocking that out the park too. Which is a surprise to no-one – Colby has always worked her butt off to do the best she can and having recently achieved her dream of buying a house (you go girl), is concentrating on taking each day as it comes, being successful and building her brand in a new market.

What makes Colby good at her job?

Especially starting something new, you need a lot of resilience, positivity, organisation, and adaptability to flourish. Which is lucky because Colby has all of those in spades. She’s incredibly personable and communicates well and with honesty. She knows her clients and candidates back to front, so she always knows who to call. Not to mention, her life motto is positive things happen to positive people, and she applies that everyday at work without fail.

Where is Colby going after work?

Most weekends you will find Colby at a bottomless brunch, because honestly, nothing brings her as much joy as two hours of free-flowing prosecco. Apart from maybe a frozen strawberry daiquiri on the beach.

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