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Carla Chamberlain

Senior Manager

Jul 15, 2022

London is full of recruitment agencies and is known to be a highly saturated market. It can be confusing and daunting when you are starting out in the recruitment sector with the question of ‘which one to join to ensure success?’ Oyster Partnership is one that stands proud to have a team of dedicated and ambitious property consultants working alongside reputable clients and successful professionals, across both the UK and internationally in permanent and contract roles for the public and private sectors. With testimonials stating an exceptional level of service from clients and five-star feedback from our employees, Oyster Partnership is a great business to shout about.

The Oyster team has lots to say when it comes to their individual Oyster success stories and below Quantity Surveying Specialist Carla Chamberlain gives her personal account on why Oyster was the recruitment business of choice for her and what she has achieved so far:

“University was not for me, so I spent five years as a Personal Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor previous to joining Oyster, however over time felt I needed more job security and long-term career. I picked Oyster over 4 other recruitment agencies for a few reasons. Oyster struck me as the perfect mix of ambition and play, my two interviews left me so excited to get going with my new role and I couldn’t wait to reap the rewards that would come with the hard work. I felt that although the people I interviewed with were super successful they were down to earth as well, lovely and fun. Honestly for my first office job that was key for me and what I needed to feel confident starting my role; I don’t know if I would have survived recruitment or an office environment if it wasn’t for Oyster!

Over the past two years I’ve grown so much on a personal and professional level and worked my way up to Senior Consultant! It’s been amazing – from working heavily with one client on numerous roles and placements, to having the confidence to liaise with key stakeholders of other businesses on a day-to-day basis – I didn’t know I was capable of all these things and it is so rewarding in that respect to look at my career and think wow, I am achieving so much!

Over the course of this financial year I will be working towards the next career milestone ‘Managing Consultant’ as well as helping to support the team alongside my boss – Rob Murray. Of course landing myself on the Ibiza & Vegas holidays for continual hard work and success is up there aswell!

It’s a career that I am fully committed to and feel I am excelling because of the great team around me, also having an MD who is motivating and encourages you to strive to do your best, with the culture of the business wanting you to do well and succeed, is everything you need for a great career!”

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Senior Manager

Carla Chamberlain

Carla, or CC as she is known, is a shining example of how we all have potential we can’t even imagine. Starting 8 years ago at Oyster, her first job in Recruitment, things were not plain sailing and it would have been very easy to call it a day. Instead, CC persisted where others would have given up, and eight years on she is not only managing a hugely successful team who adore her but has utterly conquered the QS scene and leading the way across our Development and Land division. And she did it all whilst being the most positive, energetic, fun person in the room.

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