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Leading from the Front: Inspiring inclusion in the workplace

Brooke Parker

Marketing Executive

Mar 21, 2024

At Oyster, we're passionate about driving positive change in the workplace by championing diversity and fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels empowered to thrive.

Recently, in honour of International Women's Day, we hosted one of our quarterly Leading From The Front events, bringing together a dynamic community of women in the public sector. The theme of our event was ‘Inspire Inclusion,’ and so we asked our attendees, “how can workplaces create a more inclusive environment?”

Here’s some of the key insights shared:

Fostering open dialogue and learning

One of the core strategies highlighted by our attendees was the importance of fostering open dialogue and continuous learning. By creating opportunities for employees to share their perspectives and providing workshops to deepen understanding, workplaces can inspire a culture of inclusion where diverse voices are valued and respected.

Setting the tone: leadership's role in inclusion

Effective leadership plays an important role in inspiring inclusion. Our participants emphasised the significance of leadership teams leading by example and championing diversity and inclusion efforts. When leaders prioritise inclusivity and demonstrate a commitment to creating a diverse and equitable workplace, it sets an example for the entire organisation.

Embracing diversity through education and acceptance

Education emerged as a key driver for promoting inclusion, particularly around issues of racial, cultural, and gender diversity. By offering educational resources and promoting acceptance, workplaces can inspire a culture where differences are celebrated and embraced as strengths.

Creating family friendly and accessible workplaces

Our attendees highlighted the importance of creating workplaces that are both family-friendly and accessible. From offering flexible work arrangements to ensuring physical accessibility and raising awareness about diversity issues, workplaces can inspire inclusion by accommodating the diverse needs of all employees.

Encouraging Diversity in Recruitment

Finally, an important strategy mentioned was to actively encourage diversity in recruitment practices. By prioritising diversity in hiring processes, workplaces can ensure that their teams reflect the knowledge from different backgrounds and experiences present in society. This will also attract a more diverse range of potential candidates to a company if a workplace is recognised for a diverse recruitment process.

At Oyster, we are dedicated to inspiring inclusion in the workplace. By creating a culture where diversity is celebrated and every individual feels valued and respected, we believe that organisations can unlock their full potential and drive positive change.

We’re always welcoming new women to join our Leading From The Front community. If you’re interested in attending our next event, or are keen to join our mentoring programme, please see our page here for more info.

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Marketing Executive

Brooke Parker

Brooke has joined us all the way from New Zealand, previously working for another recruitment agency as their Marketing Lead for 3 and a half years. We’re excited to show her both the London and Oyster ropes!

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