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Best jobs in Property and Asset Management – Public Sector

Ali Wibroe

Senior Manager

Jul 21, 2022

Working in Property and Asset Management can be hugely rewarding. From portfolio management and acquisitions to strategic planning and land management – the industry offers a diverse range of roles for candidates from varying property and surveying backgrounds.

For Oyster Partnership, Property and Asset Management has been one of the main industries that we’ve recruited for since the agency began, and as such, we have built up professional relationships with local authorities, NHS Trusts, charities, and private sector clients across the country; making us their trusted partner for recruitment.

“A career in Property Management or Asset Management can be incredibly interesting and varied. Many local authorities face extremely ambitious investment strategies, which not only contribute to a public cause, where you can make a positive impact on residents and their communities but you can also become a key player in the property market and leave a legacy.”

Ali Wibroe, Principle Consultant, General Practice (Property)

What qualifications do I need to work in Property Management and Investment?

A degree in either property/estate management, real estate, development, or surveying tends to be essential. Ideally, clients will want candidates to become a Chartered Surveyor (MRICS) as well as have industry experience in Commercial and Corporate Property before they can confidently manage a portfolio and generate revenue through assets. As such, those trying to break out into Asset Management will want to build up a resume in a related industry first.

Asset Manager

An Asset Manager manages a portfolio of property assets on behalf of a Landlord, making important investment decisions that will help grow their client’s portfolio.

Asset Managers will manage a portfolio but only deal with the overall Landlord of the site rather than individual tenants. They will monitor the performance of the portfolio and create new strategies when needed to make the client more money.

Salary: £50-60k

Contractor: £400-500 a day

Strategic Asset Manager

A Strategic Asset Manager will look at the whole portfolio for a client and discover a better way for them to extract value from their assets in order to maximise income. This might be by re-developing a site or selling an asset off to another organisation as it’s not a worthwhile investment to keep.

They will create a new asset strategy plan and present it to a panel in the hope that it gets approved and can be carried out. They are expected to have extensive experience in property matters gained in the public/and or private sector, with direct experience in valuations and investment matters.

In addition, a Strategic Asset Manager will have detailed knowledge and skills in a wide range of property-related disciplines with an ability to apply decision-making and options appraisal to effect change management in new areas of property and service provision.

Salary: £60-70k

Contractor: £400-£500 a day

Property Acquisitions and Disposals Surveyor

Property Acquisitions and Disposals Surveyors, also known as, A&D Surveyors, are Chartered Surveyors responsible for buying and selling properties for investment to generate revenue for a property portfolio or client.

They provide commercial surveying advice to inform the development of strategic plans with respect to land and property disposals and acquisitions. They also work with architects, and planners to produce feasibility studies, conduct site searches, and land assembly for commercial and residential schemes.

Salary: £60-70k

Contractor: £500 a day

Head of Property or Head of Asset Management

A Head of Property typically manages the general practice, property services, and development. Beyond facilitating commercial growth and revenue opportunities, the Head of Property manages assigned budgets, staff, and assets for the service in order to maximise overall value for money and the effective use of resources.

Head of service roles also requires an in-depth knowledge of financial procedure rules, risk management, project management, compliance reporting, and health and safety duties. As this is a senior role, there is the expectation that the Head of Property or Asset Management will have knowledge of Asset Management, valuations, and compliance, whilst also being responsible for preparing and presenting reports to the various committees and panels, external forums, and meetings.

Salary: £80-90k

Contactor: £600-700 a day

Estates Surveyor

Estates Surveyors manage the day-to-day running’s of a property portfolio dealing with both landlords and tenants undertaking rent reviews and lease renewals and sometimes asset valuations. In general, they ensure that all landlords and tenants are paying market rates in order to maximise income for the client.

Salary: £40-50k

Contactor: £350 a day

Want to work in Property and Asset Management?

Aside from the rush of doing deals and making money, roles in Property and Asset Management provide candidates with flexible hours and great pay in a very social industry.

We have an amazing team of highly experienced recruiters who are waiting to match you to your dream job. Whether you are actively looking or want to discuss possible opportunities, please give us a call on 020 7766 9000 or email

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Senior Manager

Ali Wibroe

Ali started her Recruitment career at Oyster, and now just nearly six years down the line, she heads up our entire Property and Surveying temp team. That, in a nutshell, encapsulates Ali’s skill, ambition, and desire to excel. But it takes more than that to be a great manager. Ali’s caring, open-minded, and loyal personality makes her popular, not just across her team, but the whole company.

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