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5 key hiring trends in the student accommodation sector for 2024

Kevin Redman

Executive Consultant | Operational Living

Dec 27, 2023

The Student Accommodation sector is constantly evolving, and as we head into 2024, it's crucial for industry professionals to stay ahead of the curve.

Hiring trends play a pivotal role in shaping the workforce of this sector, influencing the quality of services offered to students. In this blog, we'll explore the five key hiring trends that are set to define the Student Accommodation sector in 2024.

1. Emphasis on digital skills

With the increasing integration of technology in all aspects of our lives, the Student Accommodation sector is no exception. In 2024, there will be a high demand for professionals with strong digital skills, particularly in the areas of property management software, digital marketing, and data analysis. Employers will seek candidates who are adept at leveraging technology to streamline processes, enhance the student experience, and optimise operational efficiency.

As a result, job descriptions for roles in property management, marketing, and administration will place a greater emphasis on digital capabilities. Prospective employees will need to demonstrate proficiency in using property management platforms, social media marketing tools, and data analytics software. The ability to adapt to new technologies quickly and efficiently will be a sought-after trait in candidates.

To stay competitive in the job market, individuals looking to enter or advance within the Student Accommodation sector should prioritise enhancing their digital skills through training programs, certifications, and hands-on experience.

2. Focus on sustainability

Sustainability has become a crucial consideration for businesses across all industries. In 2024, there will be a notable shift towards hiring professionals who are knowledgeable about sustainability practices and can contribute to the development and implementation of eco-friendly initiatives within student accommodations.

Roles such as sustainability managers, energy efficiency specialists, and eco-friendly procurement officers will see increased demand. Employers will seek candidates with a proven track record of promoting sustainable practices, reducing carbon footprint, and implementing environmentally conscious policies within residential properties.

Candidates with expertise in sustainable building design, renewable energy solutions, and waste reduction strategies will have a competitive edge in the hiring process. As the sector aligns with global sustainability goals, professionals who can drive positive environmental change will be highly sought after.

3. Enhanced focus on student experience

In 2024, the Student Accommodation sector will continue to prioritise the enhancement of the student experience, which will influence hiring trends. Employers will seek individuals who are passionate about student welfare, community building, and event coordination to create a vibrant and supportive living environment for residents.

Student experience managers, community engagement coordinators, and event planning specialists will be in high demand. These roles will require candidates with a strong understanding of student needs, preferences, and expectations. Individuals who have prior experience in student services, hospitality, or event management will be highly sought after for their ability to foster a sense of belonging and well-being among residents.

Employers will value candidates who can demonstrate creativity, empathy, and a student-centric mindset. Prospective employees with a genuine passion for improving the lives of students and creating a sense of community within accommodation facilities will be attractive to employers aiming to differentiate themselves through unparalleled student experiences.

4. Embrace of diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion will take centre stage in the Student Accommodation sector's hiring practices in 2024. Employers will seek to build diverse teams that reflect the student population they serve, fostering an inclusive and equitable environment for all.

Diversity recruitment specialists, cultural competency trainers, and diversity program managers will be pivotal roles in driving organisational diversity and inclusion initiatives. Employers will prioritise candidates with a proven track record in implementing strategies to attract, retain, and support a diverse workforce.

Job seekers from underrepresented groups will find increased opportunities within the Student Accommodation sector as organisations actively seek to diversify their talent pool. This inclusive approach to hiring will not only enhance workplace culture but also contribute to creating accommodation environments that are welcoming and supportive of students from diverse backgrounds.

As the Student Accommodation sector continues to evolve, these hiring trends will shape the workforce and drive innovation in service delivery. Professionals looking to thrive in this sector should proactively adapt to these trends, acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the evolving demands of the industry. By staying informed and proactive, both job seekers and employers can navigate the changing landscape of hiring in the Student Accommodation sector with confidence and success in 2024.

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Executive Consultant | Operational Living

Kevin Redman

Beginning his recruitment journey in 2005, Kevin now boasts over 18 years’ specialist experience. Kevin went on to found his own recruitment company in 2012, and quickly established a well-respected name in the Real Estate Operations sector. Now Kevin heads Oyster’s Real Estates and Operations division, ambitious to elevate Oyster’s exposure in the sector.

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