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Oyster is a genuine example of how success can be achieved no matter your background. What matters most to us is what you want to achieve and how committed you are to achieving it.

Our workplace is a genuine meritocracy where the potential for you to realise career ambitions is completely unlimited. Shaping the business around the people working in it is central to our whole philosophy.

It’s not the usual way of looking at, or doing things, which is why we call it ‘The Oyster Difference®’.

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Join the oyster difference®

We hire people based on potential, attitude and ambition, rather than on formal education or even previous experience in recruitment.

The diversity of the people working here is the best possible testament to this inclusiveness.

Everyone who joins us benefits from the same opportunities for mentoring, trust, belief, input, and total support to achieve what they want to, both professionally and personally.

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Most recruiters started with no experience at Oyster
male female split at oyster is nearly 50/50
based on turnover oyster are in top 300 from 39,000 recruitment companies

* Taken from the ‘Talint International’ guide to the largest recruitment companies in the UK 2018/19

If you’re willing to work hard, Oyster will put so much time and effort into making you a success. The Management team, including the MD started as a trainee recruiter so they are extremely motivating, proactive and personable. The Oyster family are all great, there are a variety of ages and everyone has very different backgrounds…

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The Oyster Academy

If you are at the beginning of your recruitment career, you will join the Oyster Academy. This is a bespoke 12 week programme, which is both devised and delivered by our leadership team. You will join with a group of equally ambitious individuals and together experience the inevitable highs and lows of recruitment. Combining classroom style learning with on the floor coaching, you will learn everything you need to know to kick start your recruitment career.

12 weeks 40+ Sessions Theory & Practice

You’ll learn how to…

  • Source and qualify candidates
  • Identify and negotiate with clients
  • Become an expert in your specialist division
  • Develop your own brand
  • Tailor your communication to suit different audiences
  • Work to targets, think commercially and develop your business acumen

Your journey with us

We’re extremely proud of the career path we have at Oyster, not only does is clearly define the different levels within our business but it reflects the clarity we have as an organisation. At each stage salary levels are defined, promotional criteria is listed as well as a selection of competencies that we feel ensure success at each phase.

Over the years we’ve realised that value can be added in more ways than one, and our career path is designed to encourage everyone to have a long term view and realise their potential in whatever way possible.

As most people work to support their own goals and objectives we make it a priority to support our employees personally as well as professionally. In our experience, whilst we all have a lot in common, working for an employer that understands and respects personal motivations makes for a much happier and healthier workforce!

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Your mental health and wellbeing

There’s now wide-held recognition of the importance of emotional, psychological and social well-being at work.

Living and working in today’s world takes its toll on us all.

It affects the way we think, feel and act, and this not only impacts how well we do our job, but also how easy it is for others to work with us.

Most importantly, it affects whether we feel happy and safe.

Oyster Partnership makes it a priority to look out for the mental health and wellbeing of everyone who works here. Some of our initiatives include…

  • Summer Bootcamp
  • Sunshine Day
  • Early finishes & late starts
  • 2 days a year for Volunteering
  • Financial & Nutritional Advisors

Sunshine Day

Not heard of a Sunshine Day? Don’t bother googling it. It’s an Oyster thing.

1 day a year, when something happens in your life that means you just can’t get into work, you can call in and take a ‘Sunshine Day’.

  • No questions asked.
  • No pay lost.
  • No holiday used.
  • Go sort yourself out.
  • We’ll see you tomorrow.

Oyster Partnership is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. If you would like an alternative way to apply, please contact Hannah Clarke directly on 0207 766 9005 or Hannah.Clarke@Oysterpartnership.com.

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