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WFH: good or bad?

with Murray and Shipley

‘We have a couple of clients that operate completely remotely, which is great for them as they have access to a talent pool across the entire UK. Working with these organisations and meeting their requirements is much easier because the talent pool is 10 times the size.’

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Your hosts, they’re the real deal

Everyone has a story to tell. And no one story is the same. Which means there’s something to learn from everyone, even your hosts – Rob and Will.

Rob Murray

From actor to waiter to Oyster trainee, Rob’s journey to Director here at Oyster has been nothing short of remarkable. We’re pretty pleased the acting career didn’t quite work out. And we think you will be too. He’s a key component of what makes Oyster, Oyster.

Will Shipley

With almost a decade’s worth of recruitment expertise and experience in his pocket, it’s safe to say that Will really does know his stuff. From town planning to environmental health, he’s done it all. And now, he’s sharing his experiences with you.

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