Episode Two


Pens With No Lids


This week’s episode marks the beginning of our internal adventure, speaking to a few of the best and brightest (…not sure about that) Recruitment Consultants who have just celebrated their 1st year at Oyster.


Give it a listen

Throughout the episode, we discuss with Bekah, Jesil, and George the trials and tribulations of their first year in the notoriously difficult industry of recruitment. Starting a new job during the pandemic, why they’ve stuck it out over the last year, pens with the wrong lids, and of course their Rule #1.

Our guests

Feel free to get in touch with each of our guests:

Jesil Levine-Boateng , ​Oyster Partnership, Recruitment Consultant | Housing Management

Get in touch with Jesil: Personal Linkedin | Oyster Partnership Linkedin

Bekah Pauley , ​Oyster Partnership, Recruitment Consultant | Estates, Facilities & Capital Projects

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George Garrett , ​Oyster Partnership, Recruitment Consultant | Estates & Facilities – Local & Central Government

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