Episode Eight


D&I Unwrapped with Jo Major


Rounding off our deep dive into all things Diversity & Inclusion, who better to give closing arguments than Jo Major, ex Recruiter and now the owner of Diversity In Recruitment, a market leader in the training of recruitment professionals.


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Having spent the last few months in the training room with Jo, our journey is really just beginning and during this episode, we put Jo’s passions to the test and really get under the skin of some of the real issues facing us today! It’s so important that as an industry, we change the way we work so it was a genuine pleasure to hear Jo’s journey and how we can affect change.

Expect honesty, expect heated discussion but most of all, expect to learn! Jo is leading the way in this space and we are delighted she decided to join us on Rule No.1

Our guest

Jo has a twenty-year+ career in the Recruitment Industry behind her and has developed strategic D&I and Social Mobility programmes that build and improve recruitment agency culture, engage employees, attract underrepresented talent, and make businesses better places to work and partner with.

She founded Diversity in Recruitment because of her absolute drive to get D&I on the agenda of recruitment teams, as she believes recruiters can influence and lead real change.

Through training and advice, she helps recruiters get to grips with D&I and gives them the insight, tools, and confidence to attract diverse talent, make their processes equitable and accessible, recruit inclusively and confidently partner with their clients and hiring managers.

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