Ruth-Beth Jackson

Executive Consultant | Finance

Enthusiastic. Endlessly Optimistic. Avid Sun-Chaser.

Ruth-Beth brings over 6 years of amazing recruitment experience to the table, so you can always be sure you’re in safe hands. Her favourite drink is a spicy margarita which pretty much tells you all you need to know: straight to the point, a classic, with a dash of fire. Think no nonsense with a big dollop of positivity and inexhaustible levels of energy (even in the morning. Which incidentally is her favourite time of day. Go figure).

What makes Ruth-Beth good at her job?

Ruth-Beth is pretty much what you find in the dictionary under the word ‘efficient’. You can’t throw a problem at her that she can’t solve, in half the time it would have taken you to do it, and she’ll remain upbeat throughout. Ruth-Beth will reliably be there with motivating pep-talks, for candidates, clients, and teammates alike, and I really meant what I said about safe hands. You’re never going to feel lost or out-of-your-depth with Ruth-Beth there to steer you right.

Where is Ruth-Beth going after work?

You’re not going to find Ruth-Beth lounging on the sofa of-an-evening. Much more likely she’ll be out singing at events, dancing the night away, chasing the sun, and hunting down the best shellfish and pasta in London. Basically, just living the life. Or watching all the John Wick films because apparently, they’re her favourite. And not just the first one. All of them.

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