Richard Bucklow

Senior Manager

Resilient. Funny. Laid-back.

Richard started out in Oyster in 2014, working in Housing Needs, and honestly? It was a bit of a slow start. Recruitment is rarely an easy ride, but Rich stuck it out and started to build and grow his team. Over time, what became increasingly clear is that Rich is a decent recruiter, but a much better manager. Which is lucky because his team has grown exponentially over time, becoming increasingly diversified, and successful. It’s not looking like it’s going to slow down any time soon.

What makes Richard good at his job?

Rich’s sheer persistence and resilience in the face of setbacks makes him one of Oyster’s biggest success stories. He has an absolute unwavering loyalty to his team and dedicates all his time to knowing all of their strengths and weaknesses inside and out. He knows what they’re good at, he knows where they need support, and he knows how to bring out the very best in everyone under his care. The result? A team that is just going from strength to strength, who know they can rely on Rich no matter what. Plus, it helps that he can make anyone laugh within minutes of meeting him, and is endlessly patient and understanding.

Where is Richard going after work?

Richard is going home. To read. Because he is an old man at heart (he wears three-quarter zip sweaters to work). He loves history, he’ll pick up and read a book about any time period that comes to mind and will happily spend his weekends taking himself off on history trips. He also reads a lot of Sci-Fi. Basically, he’s a nerd.

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