Oliver Branch

Consultant | Legal

Resilient. Compassionate. Friendly.

Oliver came from a background working as a market research analyst, which gave him many relevant transferable skills into the world of recruitment. Joining Oyster in 2023 within our legal team, he brings resilience, persistence, and a friendly nature.

What makes Oliver good at his job?

Oliver is thorough in all aspects of his work, determined to bring the best results to all involved. He has excellent communication skills that shine through on his effortless ability to build relationships with his candidates and clients. He is very motivated by putting in the hard yards while he's young, with the hopes of reaping the financial rewards when he's older.

Where is Oliver going after work?

Oliver loves to have a laugh with his friends and go to football games together, supporting the mighty Brighton and Hove Albion. He loves all sports but particularly golf at the moment and enjoys watching golf related videos in his spare time. Fun fact - Oliver has a big interest in evolution and the history of life on our plant, with Charles Darwin being his hero!

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