Jack Allen

Consultant | Revenues and Benefits

Positive. Reliable. Sports Enthusiast.

Prior to joining Oyster in 2023, Jack worked at a pub where he enjoyed chatting to and meeting new people. His personable, confident and friendly nature shines through, seamlessly integrating him into our Revenues and Benefits team.

What makes Jack good at his job?

Jack takes pride in his customer service, with his communication skills being second to none. He approaches each task with positivity, diligence and enthusiasm, continuously driven by elevating himself and his career. Drawing not only from his own experiences but also seeking inspiration and guidance from others, Jack is committed to achieving any goal he sets.

Where is Jack going after work?

Beyond the office, Jack enjoys playing the Saxophone in Jazz bands, reading a good book and joining in on any sport he can. Jack mastered the art of Salsa during his university days, even participating in a national competition!

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