George Garrett

Senior Consultant | Development & Regeneration

Idiosyncratic. Dry Sense of Humour. Straight to the Point.

Probably one of the most idiosyncratic people at Oyster, George is known for his dry sense of humour and funny quips. Or at least moderately funny. When asked for some personal qualities that I could include in this bio, he responded, ‘rambunctious occasionally’ and ‘confident in his ability to smell out the nonsense’. Honestly, not sure how to spin those, so I’m just going to include them straight. They probably give the best demonstration of George anyway.

What makes George good at his job?

I’ve got to hand it to him, ‘confident in his ability to smell out the nonsense’ probably is fairly accurate and a pretty good quality in a recruiter. George cuts through the noise to understand exactly the scope of what an organisation is looking to achieve and where a candidate can fit in that. You know with George that you won’t be getting fluffy, insubstantial waffle. Just exactly the facts.

Where is George going after work?

George will likely be heading off to buy, sell, restore, and collect old BMWs. Eventually he wants to take a pan-European road trip ending in Mostar, Bosnia so he can get a pic of his car on the bridge. Either that or he’ll be discussing politics with his friends in a coffee shop, like a 21st Century knock-off version of the revolutionists in Les Mis.

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