Francesca Rudge

Credit Controller

Determined. People Person. Jetsetter

Francesca's determined nature, coupled with her expertise, make her the ideal Compliance Administrator. Francesca is motivated by her love of visiting other countries and experiencing different cultures. To achieve her ambition of visiting at least one new country every year, Francesca ensures she’s always giving 100% in her work-life. As Francesca sees it, if you’re hard-working and show good values in your professional life, you'll reap the rewards in your personal life.

What makes Francesca good at her job?

Motivated by her lust for life and want to experience the world, Francesca is as hard-working as they come. Francesca also wants to ensure she’s a good role model for her daughter, demonstrating great life values for her to want to aspire towards.

Where is Francesca going after work?

When Francesca’s feet are on the ground and not flying between countries, you’ll likely find her spending quality time with her friends and family, enjoying cosy nights in or perhaps a Vodka Lemon & Lime at a bar (absolute bonus if the F1 is playing – she’s a big Hamilton fan). Ideally, though, Francesca dreams about golden hour, watching the sunset, with a cocktail in hand.

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