Edward Keiller

Consultant | Property Services

Resilient, Determined, Football Obsessed

Edward’s passion for fitness and sport means he knows all too well that to reap the rewards, you have to give it your all. This is what makes Edward such a tenacious Recruitment Consultant; he doesn’t do anything by half and anything less than 100% simply won’t cut it. Edward’s determination ensures that whatever the task at hand, be that a hard-to-fill role or a football game, it is met with strategy, commitment, and energy.

What makes Edward good at his job?

Edward knows that success isn’t linear; viewing every experience as an opportunity for growth means that even potential setbacks are taken in his stride, and used to aid in his self-delevopment. It’s Edward’s accountability, energy, and resilient mind-set that really elevate him above his competitors, making him an exceptional Consultant.

Where is Edward going after work?

If there’s a football, Edward is sure not to be far behind it; having been playing since he was just 6 years old, he still practices every weekend. When he’s not playing with his team or keeping active at the gym, Edward also enjoys travelling and spending time with friends and family. But the absolute highlight of his week is 3pm on a Sunday, when the football is on TV… yep. He’s obsessed.

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