Bekah Pauley

L&D Consultant

Approachable. Honest. A Safe Pair of Hands.

After spending a year in Hong Kong teaching English, Bekah returned to London and joined Oyster in 2020. Bekah proved herself to be a successful recruiter, but after 2 and a half years as a billing consultant within the Estates and Facilities team, Bekah chose to combine both her passion for teaching with her recruitment experience by joining our L&D team. Bekah now trains our Perm Academy, and they couldn’t be in safer hands.

What makes Bekah good at her job?

If anyone is going to understand the challenges of recruitment, it’s someone that walked that same journey before. This is what makes Bekah such a great coach and trainer; Bekah understands that everyone’s journey within recruitment is individual and unique, making sure she tailors her training to the individual. Bekah is both adored and respected by her academy members for her approachable and honest approach.

Where is Bekah going after work?

To the gym. Sometimes. Well, she’s meaning to go to the gym. And she will but maybe not tonight, but only because there’s a happy hour at that new cocktail place in Clapham, but tomorrow night, honest, she will make it to the gym.

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