Aminah Hamzaoui

Senior Consultant | Environmental Health

Upfront. Honest. Dulcet Northern Tones.

Aminah used to work in the glamorous world of fashion before joining Oyster in 2019 and moving into the much more glamorous world of Property recruitment. Her main ambition? To get reasonably rich as quickly as possible and then enjoy a life of leisure. And considering how quickly she established herself as the go-to recruiter in Environmental Health, it’s an achievable dream.

What makes Aminah good at her job?

Her sheer persistence. That and her irresistible Yorkshire accent (who can say no to those dulcet tones?). Aminah is never going to beat around the bush or give you wishy-washy non-answers. She’ll be straight up with you always and isn’t afraid to put the graft in to get results, which is why her clients and candidates trust her implicitly.

Where is Aminah going after work?

To dig out her cookbooks and create elaborate vegetable-based feasts. Aminah’s favourite time of the day is dinnertime, when she gets to end the day cooking up something tasty. She did maintain she was a vegetarian for 2 years before scandalously being photographed eating chicken at a party, so looks like chicken is back on the menu.

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