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Why choose Oyster Partnership for Corporate Services?

Aimee Brown

Principal Consultant | Office Support

Jul 21, 2022

At first, you might consider the role of Office Support in the Housing industry, but just like every sector from public and private Housing services, right down to Estates and Facilities management, it’s the teams in admin and Human Resources that form the backbone of these businesses.

We wouldn’t be specialists in Housing recruitment without considering the essential role of teams from Human Resources to IT. Working seemingly behind the scenes at a business’s base of operations they play a key part in any organisation’s infrastructure and delivery of services to other internal teams, contractors, and clients.

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Why choose Oyster Partnership for corporate service recruitment?

Using our Housing and Property market knowledge we have a keen insight into the expertise and skills candidates in office roles require. Beyond understanding the demands of the role, we monitor industry news and spend time listening to the challenges both our clients and candidates face.

Without a doubt, the Housing and Property sector is huge which is why we’ve created a culture that encourages our consultants to collaborate across teams to get a full picture of the industry they’re hiring for. This is essential for our specialist Corporate Services team who are challenged with making a range of hires across all the sectors we work in.

We’re extremely proud of our Corporate Services team, who have each forged their own reputation within the industry, maintaining great relationships with both clients and candidates that might otherwise be averse to working with a recruiter.

As a specialist Housing recruitment agency, we are uniquely positioned to make hires for Office Support roles where other recruitment or temp agencies would struggle. We know candidates that have built a career for themselves working in Housing, just as we have clients that require a candidate who knows has a background in this sector.

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Principal Consultant | Office Support

Aimee Brown

No one could have missed when Aimee started at Oyster in 2019. Bursting onto the scene with a laugh that reverberates around the office, boundless levels of enthusiasm. She’s known across the Office Support industry for being the best in the business, and she has always got time and attention to give her contractors whenever they need her.

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