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'Why are Recruitment Consultants so Young?'

Rosemary Pini

Principal Consultant | Estates, Facilities & Project Management

Mar 14, 2023

Did you know that the average recruitment consultant is between the ages of 22 and 33?

Of course you did. It’s something we’ve all picked up on, but it’s not something that’s often addressed publicly by recruitment agencies.

We’re talking about it.

We believe people above the age of 34 can recruit.

We’re reimagining what recruitment can be.

Rosemary is just one of the brilliant Consultants here at Oyster who has broken this trend. Having fallen into Recruitment 16 years ago, at the age of 24, Rosemary has gone on to set new Oyster records and create a reputable name for herself within the Estates & Facilities sector.

As is true with the majority of Consultants, Rosemary never planned to pursue a career in Recruitment: ‘I had just moved to London and I was looking for work. Recruitment just happened to be the first opportunity that came up. It’s a great career for young, energetic, and ambitious people, as there’s endless potential. You really get out what you put in.’

‘However, to put it bluntly, recruitment is high pressure. It’s competitive. Especially if you’re recruiting for temporary roles. So, if you reach a point in your life when you want to slow down, to start a family for example, it can feel quite daunting. It’s a tough decision, as you have to weigh up the impact this might have on your performance and income.’

‘As a parent myself, I can say that balancing any full-time career with children is always going to be challenging. Flexibility is essential, so parents might not even consider Recruitment, as these roles are most often full-time. But the right employer will make recruitment work for you.’

‘For example, when I spoke to Oyster, they were empathetic and completely understood my parental responsibilities. They offered me a place on the perm team, which I knew would be more forgiving than temp, and a great amount of annual leave to help with the school holidays. I can also work from home on a hybrid basis, which allows me all the flexibility I need for school runs and events.’

‘Their rewards package also reflects how they adapt to the individual; most other agencies offer holidays and outings as incentives, which Oyster does too, but they also allow you the choice of a paid experience, or you could opt for a cash incentive instead.’

‘In my experience, recruitment allows you to accomplish lifetime goals regardless of your age or personal responsibilities, as long as you have the drive and find the right company to support you.’

'Recruitment allows you to accomplish lifetime goals regardless of your age or personal responsibilities, as long as you have the right company to support you.'

Rosemary started young and went onto thrive in recruitment for well over a decade, illustrating how recruitment can work for you and that your recruitment career doesn’t have to end in your early thirties.

To better understand how Oyster is breaking the trend, making recruitment more accessible to all, we spoke to our Director of People and Operations, Hannah Clarke:

‘We now operate with much more flexibility than ever before, and we offer more support to all employees surrounding caring responsibilities. We’ve done a complete overview of our incentives; yes, we have monthly Achievers (all-expenses paid afternoon out) and the bi-annual holidays to Ibiza and Barcelona, but if you don’t want to take them, we offer a cash alternative. Our employee of the quarter is based around our values and the winner is awarded with a voucher for something relating to health and well-being. We also have other incentives which include late starts/early finishes.’

We understand why the younger generation is drawn to recruitment. We love recruitment! There’s no other career that allows individuals without any previous experience to earn and progress at a speed that reflects their own determination, ambition, and energy. Young people will probably always be drawn to recruitment for this reason.

However, we hate to state the obvious but… it’s not just 20-something-year-olds who can achieve in recruitment. As illustrated here, a recruitment career can work for a great variety of passionate people, regardless of their age, personal requirements, or gender. Perhaps this is a stigma we as recruitment agencies need to work to eradicate.

Here at Oyster, we welcome all. Regardless of your age, identity, or qualifications, if you choose to join us, you’ll be treated with the same respect as everyone else. We’re not going to ask what your previous salary was, and we certainly don’t need you to have a 2.1 from university. We just need you to want to do this. We’ll take care of the rest.

So, what’s next?

If you’ve ever considered a career in recruitment, get in touch with us today. You have absolutely nothing to lose by having a conversation, and you might just be positively surprised by the outcome.

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Principal Consultant | Estates, Facilities & Project Management

Rosemary Pini

Armed with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, Rosemary is diligent and generous with her time when taking a brief. In doing so, Rosemary is practical, efficient and good working at speed.

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