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Supporting your team's wellbeing during the upcoming lease-up stage

Kevin Redman

Executive Consultant | Operational Living

Feb 21, 2024

The hustle and bustle of the lease-up stage in the student accommodation sector can be a whirlwind for everyone involved. With a surge in workload, it's important to ensure your team stays energised and motivated to avoid burnout.

As a recruitment agency specialising in student accommodation and real estate, we understand the importance of supporting your staff and their wellbeing through this busy time. Here are several proactive measures you can take as a leader to ensure your employees are ready to handle the increased demands of the lease-up stage:

1. Pre-Lease-Up Training

Offer specialised training sessions for employees, focusing on stress management, conflict resolution, and effective communication strategies. Provide them with the necessary tools and resources to handle the increased workload associated with the lease-up stage, so they know exactly what to expect.

2. Mental Health Resources

Make sure your team know where to turn for support. Ensure that your employees have access to mental health resources such as counselling services, employee assistance programs, and information on managing stress and burnout. Promote a culture of openness and encourage employees to utilise these resources as needed.

3. Clear Communication

Keep your employees well informed about the upcoming lease-up stage, including timelines, expectations, and the support available to them. Transparent communication can help ease uncertainty and anxiety, allowing employees to prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for the challenges ahead.

4. Flexible Work Arrangements

Consider implementing flexible work arrangements leading up to the lease-up stage, allowing employees to manage their workload while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Offer options for remote work or flexible hours.

5. Team Building Activities

Organise team building activities and social events to give your employees something to look forward to. This will also help build strong team dynamics before the lease-up stage, creating a supportive and resilient team.

6. Feedback and Check-Ins

Create space for an open dialogue. Provide opportunities for your team to voice their concerns, feedback, and suggestions before the lease-up stage begins. Regular check-ins will help assess their mental and emotional wellbeing and address any issues they may have.

7. Recognition and Appreciation:

Recognise your team's hard work and dedication leading up to the lease-up stage. A little appreciation goes a long way in boosting morale and reinforcing their importance to the operation.

By investing in your team's wellbeing ahead of the lease-up stage, you're setting them up for success. A supported, motivated workforce is better equipped to handle whatever challenges come their way, ensuring a smoother lease-up process and overall operation of student accommodation.

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Executive Consultant | Operational Living

Kevin Redman

Beginning his recruitment journey in 2005, Kevin now boasts over 18 years’ specialist experience. Kevin went on to found his own recruitment company in 2012, and quickly established a well-respected name in the Real Estate Operations sector. Now Kevin heads Oyster’s Real Estates and Operations division, ambitious to elevate Oyster’s exposure in the sector.

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