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Oyster Partnership have Released a Refreshing Recruitment Podcast

Oyster Partnership – a market-leading recruitment agency specialising in Property across the Public and Private sector, are excited to announce the launch of their brand new podcast: Rule No.1.

Presented by Oyster’s Associate Director, Rob Murray, and Will Shipley, Managing Consultant, the podcast aims to “lift the lid on the topics people care about.”

Their light-hearted approach proves that property industry podcasts don’t need to be too serious. Rule No.1 is an exciting and funny take on a traditionally dry subject. It’s clear to see Oyster’s ethos shining through – fostering individual personalities and making the workplace somewhere fun to be.

The first season, One Small Step, sees Rob and Will interview a different guest each episode about their careers, where they are now, and what they hope the future holds for them.

Their effervescent synergy leads to an informative, knowledgeable, and downright hilarious journey. As the ever-humble Rob puts it: “It’s been a lifelong dream of Will’s to be able to work with me on something as special as this, so I am chuffed to be able to help him fulfill his dreams…”

Will’s take on the matter is slightly more down-to-earth: “​​​​We want to breathe life into their stories, share their incredible achievements, and most importantly do it all while having a great laugh.”

The first episode features Vanessa Murray, Asset Manager at Stanhope. She recently launched the Mentoring Circle – a mentoring scheme partnering young women in the property industry with senior female figures to guide them early in their careers.

Listeners can look forward to a vast range of guests from all areas of the property industry.

Rule No. 1 launches on all major streaming platforms on Tuesday 31st August.

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