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Michael Gove's game changing housing policy updates revealed

Housing Secretary Michael Gove just unveiled the new National Planning Policy Framework at the Royal Institute of British Architects, signalling a significant shift away from mandatory housing targets for local authorities.

Gove stressed the importance of flexibility, with housing targets now serving as advisory "starting points." Despite tough measures against underperforming planning authorities, Gove remains confident in achieving the manifesto pledge of building 300,000 homes annually.

In a bold move, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities instructed seven underperforming councils to submit local plan timetables within a year, with potential intervention for non-compliance. Critics, including shadow housing minister Matthew Pennycook, question the viability of the ambitious 300,000 homes target.

Gove's focus on substantial housebuilding in cities, particularly London and Cambridge, has raised eyebrows. He blamed London Mayor Sadiq Khan for missing targets and threatened intervention. However, Gove's approach to Cambridge signals potential challenges, requiring exceptions to green belt protections.

During his speech, Gove also touched on various issues like reforming nutrient neutrality rules and introducing "sharper accountability" through league tables. Despite some industry scepticism, Gove remains determined to drive change.

However, it wasn't all smooth sailing. Gove faced criticism in the House of Commons for announcing the policy to journalists before MPs, leading to an apology from housing minister Lee Rowley.

The journey toward transformative housing policies continues, with debates and challenges awaiting on the horizon.

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