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OP & CCS framework

We are pleased to announce that Oyster Partnership has been awarded a position on the CCS RM6160 Framework.

The Framework RM6160 agreement will help NHS contracting authorities including all UK public sector, universities, local government, charities, and blue light services acquire high-quality candidates based nationally and regionally under various specialisms. The framework will be made up of 6 slots including, but not limited to the listed below:

  • lot 1 – administration and secretarial roles
  • lot 2 – finance, accounts, and audit roles
  • lot 3 – IT technicians, analysts, and technical engineer specialist
  • lot 4 – legal secretaries, paralegals, and lawyers
  • lot 5 – clinical coders and health records secretaries
  • lot 6 – caterers, drivers, security, estates and maintenance roles, such as general labour, specialist labour e.g. electricians and surveyors, environmental and scientific roles, for example, EA and senior assistant scientists

We have been partnering with the NHS for over 10 years now and look forward to continuing this successful partnership through the CCS framework.

Should you have any need for temporary staff within Estates and Facilities please do get in touch with one of our consultants on 0207 766 9000.

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