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The best jobs in Housing Management (and how you can get them)

Ruth-Beth Jackson

Executive Consultant | Finance

Jul 21, 2022

Since the beginning of the Oyster Partnership, we have worked in the Housing sector on some of the best jobs Housing Management providers have to offer.

Working with councils and private companies, we have extensive experience in matching the right kind of people to a variety of roles.

Undoubtedly, these roles require candidates to be organised, firm, and articulate, whilst also being empathetic and fair. Working in Housing Management isn’t for the faint of heart; the best and most rewarding jobs within the sector demand a certain temperament from candidates.

Qualifications needed for a job in Housing Management

Ultimately, it’s the experience that counts, and within the Housing Management sector, there are plenty of opportunities from junior/ entry-level roles right up to senior/ management. This means that you don’t necessarily need a degree or qualification in management or property to work within the sector, though these things can be seen as advantageous.

Housing Officer: Also known as Tenancy/Neighbourhood/Estate Officer

Housing Officers manage the organisation’s stock and the residents that live within them – they will have a ‘patch’ of properties to manage. This can vary from 200-1000+ depending on the organisation.

The role of a Housing Officer involves:

  • Estate Inspections
  • Sign Ups
  • Viewings
  • Mutual Exchanges/ Successions
  • Dealing with breaches of tenancy including subletting/hoarding
  • Managing cases of ASB (low – high level depending on the organisation)
  • Attending court/ dealing with evictions

Salary: £25k – 35k

Contractors: £15 – 20 per hour

“More about the experience than qualifications – many people work their way up from being in a customer service/assistant role within an organisation and then go from there. When doing these other positions candidates are likely to work closely with the housing officers, go with them on visits, do some of the admin work for them, so when the time comes for them to step up they’ve got much of the knowledge already.”

Jas Bhogal, Associate Director, Oyster Partnership

Income Officer: Also known as a Rent Arrears Officer/ Revenues Officer/ Accounts Officer

If a client was looking for someone with experience then Income Officers would need experience in dealing with low to high-level arrears, sending out stage 1-3 letters, serving NOSPs, and going to court on behalf of the organisation. Ideally with changes to the benefits system clients tend to favour those who have a knowledge of universal credit and welfare reform. Sometimes they may also look for knowledge of certain IT systems e.g. Northgate or Orchard.

The role of an Income Officer involves:

  • Income Officers will chase up tenants who have not paid their rent and help them put together a rent payment plan that works for their circumstances
  • They will often have a patch of properties and can chase various types of arrears including (current, former, garages, parking, etc)
  • There tends to be a set procedure (stage 1 letter, stage 2 letters, serving a notice of seeking possession, court, eviction)
  • Income Officers will deal with tenants either in their homes, on the phone or in the office
  • Welfare Reform changes recently (universal credit, bedroom tax, benefit cap) mean that Income Officers needs to focus more on helping tenants sustain their tenancies rather than just evicting them – some organisations will have a welfare reform team but all income officers must know about welfare reform

Salary: £25 – 32k

Contractors: £15 – 20 per hour

Benefits: these roles are really target driven so suit people who like to work in that environment, candidates will have collection rate targets as well as arrear level targets.

ASB Officer (Anti-social Behaviour Officer): Also known as Community Safety Officer

Depending on the role Anti-social Behaviour Officers need to have dealt with a variety of low to high-level cases. Low-level cases being anything from dogs barking to high-level cases involving drugs, gun crime, or racially motivated crimes. As ASB tends to vary massively depending on location/whether its estate based or street properties, clients tend to prefer candidates that have worked in similar areas. It’s also common to find ex-police officers in these roles as their skills tend to be transferable.

The role of a Community Safety Officer involves:

  • Dealing with low to high-level ASB or just the higher-level cases
  • Conducting interviews, mediation, setting up ABC’s/ABA’s
  • If it’s more community safety based they will look after things like CCTV, domestic violence, racial crimes, and gang-related violence.

Salary: £28 – 32k

Contractors: £18 – £20 per hour

Benefits: For individuals who enjoy problem-solving and having something different to deal with every day, then a role in ASB is ideal. Not only does it allow you to deal with the more ‘exciting’ parts of a housing role but you really can make a difference to people’s lives.

“For many years now there has been a Housing Crisis in the UK, frontline housing workers are right in the thick of it, as the face of the organisation. They not only get involved in the day to day issues but as the wider public sector faces more and more cuts, the reliance on the housing sector and those working within it are growing. Working in a Housing Management role really is a great way to make a difference to those that need it most.”

Jas Bhogal, Associate Director, Oyster Partnership

Leasehold Officer: Also known as Property Manager

These roles tend to favour those with experience of dealing with leasehold properties either in a specialist or as part of a wider housing role. Sometimes candidates who have done residential property management in the private sector can cross over. Candidates would need experience in dealing with Service Charges, Homeownership and Right to Buy.

Leasehold Officers will deal with similar issues as Housing Officers – eg. ASB, arrears, etc. Some organisations will have a separate Service charge team.

Salary: £30 – £36k

Contractors: £18 – £22 per hour

Benefits: many candidates want to transfer into the private sector and this is a great way of doing it as the role is basically what a property manager does albeit you’re working for a housing provider.

Resident Involvement Officer: Also known as Community Involvement, Tenant Participation

When searching for a Resident Involvement officer clients look for experience in dealing with tenants, being able to hold your own in front of a group of them, and a background in organising resident events/ forums.

Not all organisations will have a Resident Involvement Team and these duties may be done by the Housing Officers:

  • The purpose of Resident Involvement is to get tenants involved in shaping their housing service
  • This will be done in various forms – resident panels, focus groups
  • Often Resident Involvement Officers will work longer hours as a lot of their work is done via evening meetings/weekends (when residents aren’t at work)

Salary: £26 – 30k

Contractors: £15 – 18 per hour

Benefits: Teams dedicated to Resident Involvement don’t tend to exist as much anymore, as such if you have the background and experience in this area you really are a specialist in your field. These roles are also as front-line as you can get. Officers get involved in anything from tenancy issues, repair queries, as well as non-housing issues such as helping residents into work and wider community issues.

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Executive Consultant | Finance

Ruth-Beth Jackson

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