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Oyster Partnership listed 30th in Sunday Times “Best Small Companies” to work for in the U.K

Sasza Bandiera


Jul 20, 2022

– A word from the Managing Director Sasza Bandiera –

At the end of last year, each member of staff at Oyster Partnership took part in a survey provided by the Best Companies organisation. Although we have taken part in various other surveys and awards, it was our first time applying for the prestigious Best Companies award, and we wanted to do it as a way to validate our team for all the hard work they put in.

Internally we know how brilliant our staff are, how hard they work on a daily basis and we make sure to reward them for this. However getting accreditation through an organisation like this, was a way of externally demonstrating to staff and prospective employees, that we understand and value our team and their opinion. Achieving a 3-star Best Companies rating, confirmed that Oyster is an outstanding company to work for.

The Best Companies Survey

The survey analyses workplace engagement. An engaged workforce means a team that feels connected, both with each other, the managers, and with the mutual aims and objectives of the company. As MD, I understand the importance of each of my staff believing they are working towards a shared purpose and a shared goal.

I already knew that my staff all understand that they play an important part in fulfilling Oyster’s mission, as I operate an open door policy here in the office – everyone is welcome to express their opinions and concerns as and when they arise. However, it was still highly humbling to receive the 3 Star Rating, and rank 30th among the Best Small Companies to Work for in the UK. It is extremely satisfying to see all the hard work that we put into developing our people, has been recognised by the team and is now also visible to everyone else as well.

Entry Criteria and Results

The survey was made up of a set of 70 questions specifically designed to show the workplace engagement. All answers were totally confidential, which allowed every member of staff to feel free to say exactly how they truly felt. Once completed, the answers were analysed, and we were given a Best Companies Index (BCI) score.

Any company with a BCI score of over 600 gets accredited, starting with a ‘Ones to Watch’ accreditation and going up to a 3 Star Rating. In order to achieve a 3 Star Rating, you need to score a BCI of over 738. Only companies which display really exemplary levels of workplace engagement will be awarded 3 stars. Oyster was awarded an overall score of 768.6 out of 900, giving us the 3 Star Rating, which is considered by the Best Companies organisation to be ‘extraordinary’.

Not only did Oyster get an ‘extraordinary’ score on the survey, but we have also earned a spot on the 20th annual ‘The Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work For’. As a result of Oyster’s highly positive and engaging workplace environment, we placed 30th out of 100! One of only a few recruitment companies to make it onto the list.

More Than Just A Rating: The Benefits of Being Best Companies Rated

The benefits of the survey, however, do not end once you are given a rating. We now have a whole host of data as a result of the survey. As a company, we are able to use and analyse this data to move us beyond the statistics. Going forward we will be able to really understand how our employees feel, and what we can do to make our working environment even better.

We can see where the challenges are – what needs improving and where we are doing incredibly well. It is a fantastic way of globally discreetly listening to people in the company. This way we can let them know that we want to hear what they have to say, and they then know that we plan to act on the information we receive. By using the results and feedback from the survey, we have a brilliant foundation on which to build going forward into 2020.

Receiving a 3 Star Rating and a spot on ‘The Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work For’ has allowed us the opportunity to benchmark ourselves among the rest of the nation’s best workplaces. Every year, the top organisations that completed the Best Companies Survey have the option to submit their results to appear on the prestigious 100 Best Companies to Work For lists, published by The Sunday Times. This is a well-deserved honour, and I am extremely proud on behalf of the whole team at Oyster.

I really hope that by taking part in the survey and achieving the results we achieved, we have demonstrated the exceptional working environment Oyster provides. We have an outstanding team, who are constantly willing to go above and beyond for each other, their clients, and candidates, and I believe that the reasons for that have been made apparent through our 3-Star Best Companies Rating.

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Sasza Bandiera

Oyster’s leader, running the business strategically and operationally.

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