World Mental Health Day – have you got your priorities lined up?

At Oyster, we take mental health seriously. Recruitment can be a stressful job, so here are a few little tips for keeping a healthy mind and body at work:

1. Talk to someone.

If you’re feeling stressed – talking it out with your manager, a peer, or a family member are great starting points and you’ll be surprised how reassuring a bit of understanding can be.

2. Drink water throughout the day.

No matter how busy you get, keeping hydrated is important.

3. Eat healthily.

It’ll keep your mind clearer and give you more natural and consistent energy.

4. Get away from your desk at lunch.

Call your parents to say hello, get to the gym for 30mins, walk around the area of your office. It’s proven a proper break at lunch can make you more productive and efficient when you get back to your desk.

5. Write a ‘to do’ list and tick it off as you go.

Not only will this keep you focussed, it gives you a sense of achievement at the end of the day and organised for the next.

6. Switch off!

Of an evening, try and give your mobile phone and computer a break. Reconnecting with what’s happening around you physically seems obvious but in a technology obsessed society, we need to remember to try and keep a balance.

Today at Oyster we are treating the office to a fresh fruit hamper and afternoon delights from Ole and Steen, plus encouraging staff to head home early this afternoon for some ‘me time’. What can you do for your co-workers and friends?

For more ideas, why not have a quick look here: https://www.mind.org.uk/workplace/mental-health-at-work/taking-care-of-yourself/tips-for-employees/