Recruitment Services Overview

At Oyster, we’re constantly evolving in line with industry demands and shifting marketing conditions in order to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Today, as well as ‘traditional’ permanent recruitment, we also offer contract recruitment and interim management recruitment services – thereby covering all short, medium and long-term needs.

As the landscape continues to change, we’ll continue to add to our specialisms to help our public and private sector clients meet their varied tactical and strategic challenges.

Scanning and responding

We constantly scan the markets, modifying our advice and service to match market needs. This adaptive approach means we can react swiftly and decisively to our clients’ and candidates’ needs, as we will have already foreseen and planned for any upcoming changes.

Proactive, ongoing support

Recruitment is just one part of the Oyster offering. Our 360° approach allows us to predict our clients' needs throughout their recruitment cycles.

With access to real-time market intelligence, trends and industry data – all of which we share confidentially with our clients – we can help inform our clients’ day-to-day business decisions, as well as shape their future recruitment strategies.

An Executive Contingency model

We operate on an Executive Contingency basis, meaning we find people using Executive Search techniques – though our clients only pay us on completion of an assignment.  This removes any exposure or risk for our clients yet still guarantees a higher quality service than you would find in a regular contingency based recruitment firm.

Please take a look at the individual areas to find out more about them, or call at any time for more information on any of our services. We’re always happy to help.

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