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As the weeks in lockdown pass us, we see an abundance of businesses and individuals getting onto the ‘Support Our NHS‘ train. The nation is showing this in various ways from offering discounts for services and meals to the NHS staff, sewing and repairing masks, creating artwork, baking cupcakes to raising funds by walking laps around the garden. No matter how small or big the deed every little bit helps to show how grateful we are for the amazing work the NHS & the frontline staff are doing!

The recruitment industry is no different. To show our bit of support for the NHS Sohan Modi, Divisional Manager & Alex Tapley, Senior Consultant from our Town Planning team gathered Planners from across the UK for an evening of quick trivia. 

Reflecting on the evening – Alex Tapley

Inspiring. Amazing. Heroes. Whatever you choose to call them, there is no doubt that the NHS and our frontline staff, across all sectors, have done an absolutely incredible job in keeping us safe, fed, and protected. They have done all of this in less than ideal conditions while worrying about their own health as well as their families’ health. 

Normally at Oyster, as recruitment consultants, we look after our own desks. With the increased volume of jobs needing to be worked on for the NHS, many consultants have been helping to fill positions in vital areas across several NHS trusts in the country. 

While working on these roles, speaking to the individuals involved, I and Sohan, could hear the stress in their voices, could sense how important these roles were, and more importantly could tell how much each individual cared about their job and what they were doing. As such, we felt we had to help in some way. We were going to walk in our gardens, but apparently, someone had beaten us to it, (Great work Commander Tom!) so instead we thought we would host our very own Zoom digital quiz! 

We agreed that for every person that took part in our quiz, we would personally donate £10 to a charity supporting NHS staff and Frontline workers. We invited Planners from across the country to take part. One thing we couldn’t have predicted was how difficult it would be to arrange everyone’s diary! Luckily with a bit of persistence we did succeed to agree on a Thursday evening. 

Many offered their support and agreed to participate, as well as offered to donate even if they were unable to attend. It truly was heart-warming to see the positive response and the willingness to help from so many people within the property industry. 

Overall the quiz was a success. We all had a good laugh and a bit of banter topped with some friendly competition. 

“The quiz was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it, if there is another one I will definitely be up for it, especially as it’s for a good cause!” 

Amit Patel, Senior Planner
Town Planning team supporting the NHS

The quiz was a ‘rapid-fire’ style of a quiz consisting of 5 rounds with 5 general knowledge questions in each round. The Planners got to show off their knowledge of music, geography, movies, and the TV, with the top 3 being separated by only 3 points! However there can be only one winner: Colin Begeman won the quiz with a score of 20 out of 28! Well done Colin!

“I’m happy to win as I started off the first few rounds badly, I’m glad the money is going to a good cause! It’s great for you guys to do this” 

Colin Begeman, Planning Specialist

In the end we raised some money and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening bringing the industry professionals together, in a relaxed setting with a positive outcome! We will be looking to do another quiz again soon and it will be interesting to see if Colin can retain his crown! 

To all the key workers, NHS and frontline staff, we just wanted to say a huge thank you and while our donation is not quite as big as Commander Tom’s, it’s a token of our appreciation for everything you’re doing. 

Also to everyone who got involved thank you and hopefully we will see you at our next quiz!

For those of you interested in another round of trivia or in opportunities within the Town Planning sector you can get in touch with Sohan & Alex here

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