Tariq Aniemeka-Bailey

property recruitment

You can contact me on my mobile number 020 7766 9075 or via email Tariq.Aniemeka-Bailey@oysterpartnership.com

Tariq has spent most of his adulthood working in various jobs within the retail sector. After graduating from University with a degree in Neuroscience, Tariq decided to move away from the medical field as he felt it wasn’t the right fit for him. This decision lead Tariq down the path of recruitment, and through the doors of Oyster Partnership.

What motivates Tariq?

Tariq’s main motivation comes from his family; As one of the older children, everyone looks to him to provide a good example for the younger siblings. He is also a very competitive person, and is always looking for ways to improve himself.

Outside of Oyster…

Tariq is a big football fan and often watches Chelsea playing at Stanford Bridge. When he’s not supporting his team he likes to exercise either by playing football with his friends or going for a run. He has also recently gotten into martial arts and is excited to see how far he can go with it.