Ruth-Beth Jackson

Principal Consultant

You can contact me on my mobile number 07791 698 006 or via email Ruth-Beth.Jackson@oysterpartnership.com

Ruth joined the company in Oct 2016 straight out of her master’s degree and has never looked back. Since then, she has worked her way up within the industry, developed new abilities and skills, and has gained an immense amount of knowledge within the Social Housing world. Ruth is currently leading our Human Resources desk after spending several years recruiting for our Housing Management division.

What keeps Ruth motivated?

Ruth is motivated by the constant battle in her head to be better than she was yesterday, better than her other competitors, and of course, she is motivated by her like for the nicer things in life. If one person is doing it well, she wants that person to be her and she loves it when a client wants to exclusively work with her. She’ll find the candidate, no matter the role.

What keeps Ruth sane?

Her love for music! When she isn’t chipping away at a recruitment challenge, she can be found singing, dancing, and laughing at her own jokes with family and friends. She also loves chasing the sun as the island girl within her can never die!